5 Dream Jobs of New Graduates in the Financial Industry

Fresh Graduates

5 Dream Jobs of New Graduates in the Financial Industry

Big dreams and fresh out of colleges and universities, many graduates are looking for their dream job in the financial industry. Be the next Warren Buffett or George Soros? Be next hotshot Investment Banker or Private Banker?

Which are the top 5 jobs graduates aspire to be in the financial industry?

No. 1 Fund Manager

Why become a Fund Manager: Fund Managers manage hundreds of millions to billions of investment portfolio. They are known to have astute investment acumen, strong economic knowledge and in-depth quantitative and qualitative analytical skills.

Behind their inspiration: Peter Lynch, Bill Miller, Bill Gross, George Soros, John Paulson, Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett

Salary Range: $500,000 – $5 Million

Highest on Record: Hedge Fund Manager John Paulson, $4.9 Billion earned in 2010

Odds of becoming one: Almost zero. Most aspiring fund managers peaked as a portfolio manager. The portfolio manager decides on asset allocation strategy, risk and returns management within a stipulated mandate. Fund Managers set the overall direction of the fund which, impacts majority of the fund performance.  If a portfolio manager is managing a Japan Equity Fund in the 1990s, he or she is unable to stop investing in Japan until the Fund Manager decides Japan is not a lucrative equity market for the next 10 years – therefore shutting the fund.

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